There are lots of factors that contribute to a successful, fulfilling college experience. At Saint Louis University, you’ll find resources and support services designed to help you meet your academic goals and enjoy life as a Billiken.

Read on to learn about some of the resources available on SLU’s campus to help you thrive — physically, mentally and academically.

Student Health Center

When you feel well, you function well. But if you have a sore throat or need support for a chronic health condition, the Student Health Center is here to help you. At the health center, SLUCare physicians provide everything from wellness exams to orthopedic care, and medical services such as lab work, X-rays and physical therapy are also available on campus for your convenience.

In response to the evolving pandemic, SLU has a wide range of COVID-19 safeguards in place.

University Counseling Center

Caring for students’ mental health is a top priority at SLU. In fact, SLU is among the nation's top-20 colleges for counseling services, according to U.S. News & World Report. Experienced professional counselors are available at our University Counseling Center to assist with a wide variety of concerns, such as adjustment to college life, relationship challenges and chronic psychological conditions, such as anxiety and depression. The counseling center offers individual and group counseling, psychological testing, crisis management and wellness education.

Career Services

Career preparation is a key part of your SLU experience from day one. SLU’s Career Services team can help you decide on a major, establish career goals, and connect with internships and job opportunities so you graduate with the skills and experience today’s employers are looking for. SLU Career Services is available for alumni, too, providing resources and assistance throughout your working life. Check out these alumni profiles to see what some of our recent graduates are doing now.

Student Success Center

When you need additional academic support, want help navigating the process of setting long-term goals or would like to pursue some meaningful reflection related to channeling your strengths, interests and personality into a future career — SLU’s Student Success Center has you covered.

Student Success Coaching

Success coaching is designed to help you set and reach your own personalized academic goals. Like the coach of any sport, the student success coach aims to help you perform to the best of your ability through a process of personal exploration and skills development.

Student Success Coaches can assist with:

  • Study skills
  • Learning styles
  • Time management
  • Motivation
  • Test-taking
  • Goal-setting
  • Note-taking
  • Self-advocacy
  • Accessing campus resources

Daniela Echeverri, B.S. in Economics, Class of 2019, says, “Career Services was a huge help! I applied for an internship at Shell after several meetings with a career development specialist. She helped me set goals for my college career after I transferred into the business school, coached me on types of internships I should apply for, assisted in resume tailoring, and even coached me in practice interview sessions. I accepted a job offer at Shell, and I’ll be moving to Houston to work as a contracting and procurement analyst.”

Daniela Echeverri, B.S. in Economics, Class of 2019

Disability Services

SLU’s Office of Disability Services helps students access academic accommodations, assistive technology resources and other services that create a safe and supportive campus community for everyone.

University Writing Services

Whether you need guidance while brainstorming essay topics, clarifying ideas or properly citing sources, University Writing Services consultants are available to work with you throughout your creative process to offer individualized feedback and help you become a more confident, skilled writer.

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